Security Camera比较

Security Camera比较









I already used WINBOOK, ZMODO before I bought this one. This is a little more expensive than other brands. ZMODO's 1080P camera is about $40, and this  is about $10 more.

The shipping is fast. Amazon said it would arrive on 5/1. I got it on 4/28, much earlier than promised.

When I opened the box, I realized there were reasons it was a little more expensive. Its case is made of heavy metal, much stronger than other brands. And it has more functions than other brands.

First of all, I like the idea that it stores the video in a SD cards. I avoids the uncomfortable having private video on a remote server in China or Taiwan. The SD card works as a small server in this product. And the ZILINK server only works as a transfer spot in this case. That is my understanding. I happened to get a 32GB SD card free from microcenter. It works well now.
Secondly, I used the CAMHI app at first and had some problem, such as no alarm function at all. I was told to use CAMHIPRO by ZILINK after it. And CAMHIPRO is 10 times better than CAMHI. download CAMHIPRO instead of  CAMHI if you buy it.
Thirdly, the camera has some functions for the techy people. It allows to setup to send alarm to email and FTP site. I will configure a SMTP server to email the alarm to my email address. You will love these functions if you are a technical person
Fourth, since it uses a SD card as server, this product does not charge you monthly fee to have 24/7 recording like other brands. You SD can have a 24/7 real time recording as a server.


WINBOOK is the worst. I has the best night vision. But the problem is that I cannot connect the camera 6 of 10 times from my phone. It does not save video if you don't pay.

ZMODO provides all basic function I want. It connect fast and save a short video when triggered by moving objects. It saves 24/7 video on ZMODO server if you pay monthly fee.

ZILINK has more powerful functions than ZMODO. The best advantage is that it does not store your private videos on their servers.

Strongly recommended ZILINK.

With good things said, here are my suggestions to ZILINK.

1, It is a little too big and if would be more convenient if the cable is removable with plug in. I know it provides more functions but for customers like me, I never used it through the setup process.
2, The nigh vision is a little blurry. The day light is perfect though
3,  They need to find a native English speaker to check the interface and labeling. For example, when closing the app, the click to close is a button named DETERMINE.
4, This is the issue for those inexpensive security IP cameras. Their servers are all not in US. This is not only a security issue but also slows the speed. Every time I connect my camera with my phone, it may connects to a server in China, and from China to my home. ZILINK improved a lot by not storing videos on their server. But it would be great if they can run a server in US.


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