Why do Chinese citizens support the Chinese government?

Why do Chinese citizens support the Chinese government?


Why do Chinese citizens support the Chinese government despite its record of human rights violations?


In 2014, West blamed Sudan for human rights violations. Many campuses of universities in America had students march on the street to protest the Sudan government for human rights violations. Mainstream media reported human rights violations repeatedly.

In 2015, South Sudan had a referendum to become independent. West hailed the victory of democracy and believed that they beat the Sudan government for its human rights violation. Thus, South Sudan people were free and happy forever, like a bedtime fairy tale ending happily.

Now, what is the situation of a free and democratic South Sudan?

This is South Sudan people who have democracy and freedom without the government of human rights violence.

China before 1949 was also like South Sudan today. Chinese people understand what is called human rights violence. Chinese people have a different understanding of human rights than the West. Chinese people consider that life survival is a fundamental human right. Without basic living conditions, all the rights and freedom have no value at all.

Look at the picture: a man has the freedom of speech, has the right to vote but has nothing to eat. So why did the West impose such a human right on the Sudan People?

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