【LEAP eSalon】- Navigating Career Anxiety | 1.30.2023

【LEAP eSalon】- Navigating Career Anxiety | 1.30.2023


LEAP eSalon

  • Are you feeling anxious about the recent waves of mass layoffs in the tech industries?

  • Are you stressed by the gloomy job-hunting reality?

  • Are you struggling with peer pressure at school or at work?

If your answer to any one of the above questions is yes, don't worry, you are welcome to join the first LEAP eSalon in 2023 organized by LEAP Career Development Forum on Monday, January 30 at 7:00 pm PST time. Dr. Canzi Wang, a licensed psychologist, will share her insights and provide on mental health, starting from common physiological reactions to mental health, to how working professionals and international students can cope with layoffs in large companies, as well as how to transfer remote work situations from online to offline in the pandemic. Dr. Wang will promote relaxation and self-care in the eSalon, so that everyone can better maintain their mental health, adjust themselves, and prepare their body and mind more accordingly.

Guest Bio

Dr. Canzi Wang is a Chinese Mandarin-English bilingual licensed psychologist practicing in Arcadia, California (License # PSY30284). She has over 15 years of experience working with college students, young professionals, new immigrants, and engineers at high-tech companies. She is experienced in providing individual therapy, group therapy, couples therapy, consultation, and behavioral health care. In her previous roles, she was also passionate about providing training and supervision to clinician-in-training as well as reaching out to the community and offering workshops and various programming.

Dr. Wang specializes in providing Chinese-English bilingual therapy, working with international students and Asian/Asian Americans, and treating anxiety, depression, and relational issues. She worked with a wide range of issues around stress and anxiety, depression and other emotional difficulties, family and relationship concerns, grief and loss, important life transitions and adjustment, immigration stress, cross-cultural conflict, identity development, etc. Dr. Wang is a dedicated long-time LEAP mentor.

Event Information


7pm to 8pm Monday January 30, 2023 PST


Registration is free but space is limited, so book early!

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