October 26, 2020


Case #: xxxxxxxxx (case re-open)

Tracking/Pro#: xxxxxxxxxxxx (case re-open)

To Whom it May Concern:

Thanks very much to XXX, who re-opened my case today on October 26 when I made the phone call, providing the email that I can reach you.  I truly appreciate her help.

Kindly drafted below is my response to the Fedex letter dated October 9, 2020. The case number and tracking number are listed above for your attention.

Upon carefully reading Fedex letter, I completely disagree with the decision made by Fedex Cargo Claims Department, which accepts no liability of “damaged” package. I am writing to dispute the decision and request a full refund of my shipping fee and the lost package.

Here is the chain of the events I logged:

  1. 1. On 9/12, I went to a local Fedex store in XXX, CA to send a package by ground shipping to XXX, WA.  A Fedex clerk received me, inspected the package, put some extra protection paper on the top of the box, and sealed the package.  I was told that the scheduled delivery date would be 9/17, as is also indicated on the receipt. I paid $XX for the shipping fee.
  2. 2. On 9/17, the day it was scheduled to deliver, I found online that the status was pending, and it looked like that package was still in CA. So I made a call, and was told that the scheduled delivery date was postponed to that Saturday 9/19.
  3. 3. On 9/19, the online status history showed no progress of the package, i.e. after a week, it was still in CA. I called Fedex, telling them that there were fruits in the box, and asked them if there was anything they could do to help me.  I was told that someone would call me, but nobody ever did.
  4. 4. Early the following week, I saw the online scheduled delivery date postponed to 09/24, and then changed to 09/23 as the week progressed.
  5. 5. On 09/23, when I checked again online, it said the package was not delivered but shown as “delivery exception”. The package was “damaged”!  I made an instant call to Fedex, advising them to “Just deliver it”. Unhappy as I was, I was willing to take some loss, thinking that even if the fruits were damaged, the non-perishable items should be still in good shape. By asking Fedex to deliver the package, I was willing to take the loss.
  6. 6. But nobody heeded my request or took any action. In between, I made four calls, and nobody ever returned one call to me.
  7. 7. Therefore, on 9/26, I had to file a claim to request a full refund at a total $xx (including the shipping fee) for the package.
  8. 8.  On 10/17, I received a letter from Fedex, in which Fedex Cargo Claims denied my claim, stating that the “Liabilities Not Assumed”. Upon receiving the letter, I started to make phone calls to seek clarifications, but in vain.
  9. 9. On 10/19, I managed to call in. I was received by an agent named Alisa, who asked for my contact phone number and told me that the claim agent on my case would call me back. As of today 10/26, I haven’t received a single call from any Fedex employee.
  10. 10. On 10/22 and 10/23, I called calls to Fedex. Each time, I was put on hold for more than 40 minutes without being able to reach the agent.

As a frustrated customer in the delivery process, I am very disappointed with Fedex’s delivery service and customer service. Your denial of responsibility letter makes no sense at all, and it only upset me more.

It is my understanding that the moment I left the package at the care of the Fedex store and paid for the shipping fee, the business transaction was complete.  From that moment on, the package was totally out of my hands, but in the full possession of Fedex. I expected a well-established carrier like Fedex to deliver the package around the estimated delivery date. However the package was “damaged”, due to 6 days delay out of the possibility of being misplaced and mishandled (It was within CA for the first week without any move). Without the delay, the package won’t be possibly damaged. Now Fedex tried to deny any liability. I lost both the package and the shipping fee. What could justify this? If Fedex does not accept the liability, then who else should?  Do you really think a customer like me should just take the loss, along with the frustrations? As the customer, I paid Fedex for the service and the package was inspected and accepted by the Fedex employee, but was consequently declared as “damaged” without me having any clue as to what happened to the package.

Based on the above stated facts and reasoning, I have every reason to assume that Fedex take the full responsibility for the damaged and undelivered package.  Therefore, I am requesting a full refund of a total $xx for the claim, which consists of $xx estimated package value and $xx shipping fee.

I’ve attached the copy of the shipping receipt, as well as the confirmation information, which can also be found in my initial filing. If you need anything from me to help resolve this issue, I can be reached at the email:, or cell phone number xxx-xx-xxxx. Being a loyal Fedex customer, I am looking forward to the settlement. Your attention and help would be greatly appreciated.


Sincerely yours,



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